Mindful Movement Meditation for Schools

How Does Your School Deal With Exam Stress? 
Recent reports from educational establishments, ChildLine and mental health charities remind us just how stressful young people are finding their time in education particularly around exam periods. 

Many schools are now looking at a more mindful approach to encourage young people to feel more at ease yet one of the issues that young people still complain of  is that they find it very difficult to  be still. 

How Can Qigong Can Help?
Qigong is a series of slow, flowing movements that integrate the breath and a visualisation encouraging an overall feeling of wellbeing. In essence, it is a moving meditation that flows with the tide of the breath. Movements are simple and repeated and this process enables the mind to move from the stress response  to that of a more relaxed feeling leading to a sense of spaciousness and clarity. 

I currently provide courses designed to combat stress and anxiety for Oxford University. If you are interested in finding out more about how this practice might be of use to both staff and students then contact me at floinqigong@gmail.com