What is Qigong and how can it benefit my staff ?
Tai Chi Qigong is a  mindful movement practice using movements  that flow with the tide of the breath.

It provides an ideal way to provide space for productive thinking and refresh busy minds. The benefits it can bring are particularly relevant for people working in fast-paced high pressure environments. 

How accessible is Qigong ? 
Qigong can be practised at any time without need of specific clothing or apparatus. It is suitable for any level of fitness and can even be done seated. It can therefore slot easily into any organisation. 

How does it work ? 
If your organisation is seeking to encourage clarity, energy and resilience among managers and employees take a look at what some previous participants have to say. 

What is the length of the programme ? 
Programme length is determined by the needs of your organisation. We can provide workshops or regular sessions of 30 minutes to 1 hour.


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