• Andrea

5 Top Tips for Reducing Stress

We all experience stress at different points in our lives. Here are some suggestions to help assist in those difficult moments.

1. Do an internal body scan: take a few easy breaths. Take your attention to the top of your head and slowly go down from the crown of your head down your body, noticing how the body feels.

2. Take some time to notice your breath. See if you can see where you feel it in the body. One way to do this is to have one hand on the chest and one on the lower abdomen, then slightly move the hands away so they are no longer touching the body and notice which part of the body almost touches the hands first as you breath. Gently, release the hands and allow the breath to deepen.

3. Take a 2-3 minute walk: you’ll find you’ll lose nothing from the day but you’ll gain a lot.

4. Stop working around and hour before you go to sleep, and find a less-intense activity before bed - such as reading or watching a film.

5. When you’re in bed, draw your attention to your breath, and repeat the body scan. Take 3- 5 slow, even breaths.


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