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Back Pain-Prevention is Better than Cure!

By now many of us are back into the routine of spending most of our time at the desk whilst working on our computers. Here are some useful tips to help keep the back healthy and pain free.

  1. Always sit with the feet firmly in the floor or stable foot rest, legs uncrossed. This position not only provides stability for the pelvis, but also makes it easier for us to notice the position of the spine and to lengthen the spine.

  2. Once seated, take a moment to check your posture. In your mind’s eye bring you attention to your tail bone and from there begin to travel up the spine and imagine creating space between the vertebrae all the way to the base of the skull. Notice how the spine begins to lengthen with ease.

  3. Arch the thoracic area of the spine like a cat to ease the back and mobilise the neck and shoulders.

  4. Plan in time to stand and walk when doing desk work so that the lower back is mobilised at regular intervals.

  5. There are several wonderful maintenance exercises for the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine. You might find this link helpful.

  6. Have your work station checked so that it is ergonomically sound.

  7. Finally, make time to do abdominal exercises. Strong abdominal muscles play a key role in stabilising the spine and reducing the incidence of lumbar pain.

  8. Remember it is good to be in the moment, but it is also good to THINK BACK!


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