• Andrea

Start the Day with Stillness

Many of us jump out of bed as soon as we wake up in the mornings and rush straight into the day ahead. However, the space between sleeping and waking provides a wonderful punctuation between our rest and our first waking movements. As well as providing an opportunity for us to ease our way into the day, it contains its own treasures. Some of the best writers and thinkers of our time have alluded to this transitional time offering up the seeds of their best ideas.

Periods of transition between one thing and another are valued in the practice of qigong.  Just as the seasons emerge from one another punctuated by those subtle transitions often invisible to the human eye, qigong embraces the space between sets of movements by being still and observing what is present before the next movement begins. This awareness of the space between things helps us to cultivate and nurture transitional moments in our daily lives moving smoothly from one thing to another. So the next time you are about to tumble from activity to activity, pause and embrace the space.


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