• Andrea

The Benefits of Consistency

There are a multitude of articles online relating to the importance and power of consistency. It is generally viewed as key to the manifestation of success. Having a focused approach to short-term goals  and establishing modes of practice that facilitate the achievement of longer-term goals is clearly of benefit. However, consistency in observing how we breathe and taking steps to nurture a smooth and even path for the breath is also important on our path to success.  Indeed, the benefits of establishing a breathing pattern that is smooth during periods of focused and pressured work can not only help with our thinking, but also our digestion, posture and overall wellbeing.


There are many different breathing exercises online to choose from, but if you are feeling overwhelmed just at the thought of absorbing all this information, why not simply start every day by sitting and observing how your breath is for about a minute when you first awake then simply inhale and exhale deeply five times. Then, notice how you feel and move into your day.  Do the same again just before you sleep. You will soon find that the morning breaths help energize your day whilst the evening breaths help with the process of relaxation before sleep.




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