• Andrea

Winter Blues! Well, they should be almost over….

Many years ago, I bought a postcard that had a picture of a giraffe with a big grin. Next to the picture were the words, ‘Start the day with a smile and get it over with.’ I would look at it every morning and it always made me smile. If you are struggling with the grey days, perhaps you could try starting the day by looking at an image of nature that pleases you, for example a landscape or a pet. Such images often lift our spirits and make us smile.

Smile! Smiling is a powerful way to engage those feel good hormones. We always feel better when we smile. Smiling also sends messages to the body that encourage a feeling of ease and relaxation. Look at the following articles to see this from a scientific perspective: There's Magic In Your Smile | Psychology Today How a Simple Smile Benefits Your Brain and Body - The Best Brain ...

Actively look out for things today that bring joy to your heart. Make a note of them. You only need to find one and many more will follow! By choosing to embrace one aspect of winter, we can train our minds into seeing many more.

Remember that every season benefits us in some way. We may gravitate towards the sunshine and the activity that we feel the summer months release within us but we all need balance to maintain an equilibrium. So, as this season prepares to change be thankful for it and walk into the next with gratitude.


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