Our programmes can provide your staff with mechanisms to develop resilience in high pressure environments.

6 week Fixed sessions

30 mins

Learn simple and easy to access techniques to bring energy and focus into the working day.

Sessions will provide participants with the opportunity to learn and embed  fundamental tools to create a more balanced and sustainable way of approaching working life. 

Continuous weekly sessions

45 mins

One year subscription

These ongoing sessions facilitate a broader experience and development of the foundations begun in the six week program. 


Sessions will provide participants with the tools that they need in order to mould the practice to the way that they feel would most benefit them during their working day.

Retreat/Wellbeing days

Time frame at client's discretion 

Relax   Restore  Reinvigorate

An immersion of calmness and control to 'bring life' to your wellbeing or retreat day.

Sessions provide a range of mindful movement techniques to help participants let go of tension, relax the breath and start to build the resilience needed for health and wellbeing. 

Seated meditation

The opportunity to focus on the breath & relaxation through stillness.

Specific techniques are taught that  complement both fixed and yearly programmes.

Participants will be able to use these simple methods to create calmness when under intense pressure; a benefit to every work environment. 

Taster sessions available 

 We provide taster sessions so that you can experience how our programmes can be effectively integrated into your business.


Contact us to create your programme.